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events in Rome

Natale di Roma

Where: Circo Massimo, Colosseo and neighborhood

When: April 21

It is a celebration of the founding of Rome.
The Roman calendar counted the years from April 21, 753 BC. It's an ancient recurrence, already celebrated by the Roman emperors.
Today the city celebrates April 21 with many cultural events.
Do not miss the re-enactment and parade at the Circus Maximus and the surrounding area. Many of the historical groups come to Rome from all over Europe to take part in the parade. In 2014 more than 50 associations participated, from many European countries.

Rome Marathon

Where: historic center

When: early spring

The Rome Marathon is held in the historic center of the city since the early years of the '900. some of the greatest athletes participated. The city is celebrating when, in early spring, this event takes place.
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Estate romana

Where: throughout Rome

When: from June to early September

Is the cultural event of the summer for over 30 years, organized by the Municipality of Rome.
Theater, cinema, music, culture and fun for everyone, in the places of the historical center and suburbs. It is useless to describe it, you have to live it.

Municipal rose garden

Where: at the foot of the Aventine Hill

When: from April 21 until the end of the month of May

Who is coming to Rome in the spring should definitely visit the Aventine rose garden, overlooking the Circus Maximus.
May is the period of full bloom, rose garden are grown in more than 1.200 varieties of roses botanical, ancient and modern, from all over the world. And in May there always takes place on the International Competition Premio Roma, reserved to the most beautiful new varieties of roses.
In ancient Rome, just at the Circus Maximus in the spring, the goddess Flora was celebrated.

May Day concert

Where: San Giovanni

When: May 1

The concert takes place on the occasion of May Day, from 1990, and each year attracts thousands of spectators who come to Rome from all over Italy. In recent years some of the most important Italian and international musicians have performed (F. De Andrč, F. Battiato, Litfiba, F. Mannoia, V. Capossela, BB King, Chick Corea, Robert Plant, Iron Maiden, Lou Reed, Youssou N'Dour, Eurythmics ... just to name a few).
The concert starts in the early afternoon and goes on until midnight.

Festa de noantri

Where: Trastevere

When: July 15 to 30

It is the religious festival of Trastevere ("rest of us" as opposed to "the rest of you who live in other districts") and one of the deepest by the Roman people, which is celebrated in honor of the Beata Vergine of Mount Carmel.
The origins are from the first half of 500, when it was found, according to legend, at the mouth of the Tiber a wooden statue of the Madonna (for this reason called "Madonna Fiumarola"), which was then donated to the Basilica of St. Crisogono in Trastevere, and since then it became the patron saint of Trastevere. Throughout the year the statue is kept in the church of St. Agatha, during the festival is brought in procession in his old home, the church of San Crisogono.
In addition to religious events there are today shows, cultural events and walks around the stalls of sweets, toys and crafts.